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ranger::core::fm::FM Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def block_input
def cd
def confpath
def copy
def copy_config_files
def cut
def delete
def destroy
def display_command_help
def display_file
def display_help
def display_log
def draw_bookmarks
def edit_file
def enter_bookmark
def enter_dir
def executables
def execute_command
def execute_console
def execute_file
def exit
def fm
def get_preview
def hide_bookmarks
def hint
def history_go
def initialize
def input_is_blocked
def loop
def mark
def mark_in_direction
def mkdir
def move
def move_parent
def notify
def open_console
def paste
def paste_symlink
def redraw_window
def reload_cwd
def relpath
def rename
def reset
def scroll
def search
def search_file
def set_bookmark
def set_filter
def set_option
def set_search_method
def signal_bind
def signal_emit
def signal_garbage_collect
def signal_unbind
def sort
def substitute_macros
def tab_close
def tab_move
def tab_new
def tab_open
def tag_add
def tag_remove
def tag_toggle
def toggle_boolean_option
def traverse
def uncut
def unset_bookmark
def update_preview

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 input_blocked = False
int input_blocked_until = 0
 search_forward = False
string search_method = 'ctime'
 signal_clear = __init__

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file fm.py.

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